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Hair transplantation for men

Hair loss something that annoys a lot of men at a young age. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Whether it’s thin hair, a receding hairline, hair loss at the temples, a balding crown, or bald spots in your beard. A hair transplantation with our patented HST-methode offers a solution to your baldness.

Whether the whole area is suitable for hair transplantation depends on the stage of baldness and the condition of the donor area. The thickness is also determined on that basis. Heredity baldness could be the reason, but there are other causes as well. Getting the right diagnosis is important when deciding on the treatment and what results you will achieve. Arrange a personal consultation with our doctor to receive expert advice and find out what your options are.

Solutions for baldness in men

Receding hairline/ hair loss at the temples

Hair loss at the temples is often the first sign of baldness in men. These before and after photos show that the original hairline can be restored with a hair transplantation. This method restores the appearance but not the full hair cover. Whether the whole area can be treated depends on the stage of baldness and the condition of the donor area.

Haargrens voor haartransplantatie man

Before treatment

Haartransplantatie man haargrens na behandeling

9 months after treatment
(1.280 grafts)

Natural hairline

We focus a great deal of attention to the original hairline. A common mistake is creating a hairline that looks unnatural or too sharp and does not suit the face very well. That is why we will discuss your ideal hairline with you prior to the treatment. Then we can create the most natural-looking hairline for you.

Haargrens voor haarstransplantatie

Before treatment

Haargrens na haartransplantatie

9 months after treatment
(2.490 grafts)

Patient-related outcome of a treatment

Patient-Related Outcome Measures (PROMs) are extremely important in medical treatments. A PROM is a patient-related outcome of a treatment. A study of patients who were treated with the HST method found that their quality of life improved immediately after treatment. In addition to the proven cosmetic result, this improvement is important for people thinking of undergoing a HST hair transplantation at a Hair Science Institute.

Patiënt gerelateerde uitkomst voor haartransplantatie

Before treatment

Haartransplantatie man na behandeling patient

9 months after treatment
(1.021 grafts)

Beard transplantation

Do you suffer from bald spots in your beard? Or are your beard and moustache not growing well and you would like them to be fuller? Then talk to us. The HST method is also suitable for face treatments. Almost no scars are left behind, making this technique much more widely suitable than conventional hair transplantation methods.

Creating a beard and moustache in stages:
before the first treatment

Resultaat man baard

Creating a beard and moustache in stages:
after treatment

technician Cheyenne


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A free, no-obligation consultation can be very valuable for both you and us. You will find out about the technique, receive personal advice, and have the chance to ask questions. Together with the doctor, you can discuss your options, your wishes, and your expectations in detail. An individual treatment plan will then be put together for you on that basis.