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About the HST method

The HST method is a proven, effective hair transplantation technique. The results of a Hair Stem Cell Transplantation with this method are simply unprecedented, and no traditional transplantation technique comes close to them. This is what distinguishes Hair Science Institute from every other hair clinic.

The origins of the HST method

The HST method is a patented and sophisticated form of hair transplantation. Dr Coen Gho has been carrying out fundamental research into Hair Stem Cell Transplantation since 1996. His research has resulted in the creation of the HST method, further developed by Hair Science Institute and performed at Hair Stem Cell Clinics.

The Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation (PL-FUT) method was developed by doctor and scientist Dr Coen Gho. But because this name is rather long for many people to remember, this technique is also called Hair Stem Cell Transplantation. His research has shown that just a part instead of the entire hair follicle is needed to grow one or more hairs. This is because stem cells are found in the tissue (graft) that is used for the transplantation, as well as in the tissue that is left behind. This results in new hair growth in both the donor area and the receptor area. HST is an intelligently method that uses natural stem cells in combination with a specially developed medium. This ensures the viability of the grafts and stimulates stem cells growth. Both components are needed to achieve the most natural results. This medium is only available at HSI.    

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How does Hair Stem Cell Transplantation work?

The Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) method involves removing the entire hair follicle, as well as a number of stem cells in the donor area. This is where the hair also regrows.

During the treatment, parts of hair follicles are extracted with a needle. Our innovative hair transplantation technique leaves stem cells behind in the donor area and extracts it for transplantation in the receptor area. The follicles are capable of producing new hair. 

Because the hair follicle is split with a tiny needle and then extracted (from the scalp), the advantage of this method is that the grafts are much smaller in comparison with conventional hair transplantation techniques.
This results in higher hair density with a much more natural look and perfect hairline As only a portion of the hair follicle and the stem cells it contains is removed, the remaining and transplanted stem cells stimulate new hair growth in a matter of weeks. The new hair grows with the same quality as the rest of the hair.
The final result can be seen after a full hair growth cycle of nine months.


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Hair Stem Cell Transplantation results

Donorgebied na extractie

Donor area immediately
after extraction

Grafts uit donorgebied

Grafts from the donor area

Ontvangstgebied 9 maanden na haartransplantatie

Detail of receptor area after 9 months after treatment

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation:
a patented and sophisticated technique

Doctor and researcher Coen Gho has conducted fundamental research on hair transplantation since 1996. His studies have found that different parts of the hair follicle contain stem cells that can stimulate hair growth.

The HST method is a hair stem cell transplantation method that utilizes the potential of stem cells. This technique was developed by Hair Science Institute and is used worldwide in our clinics in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Cap d’Antibes, Paris, London, Jakarta, and Dubai.

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation can only be performed at one of the certified Hair Stem Cell Clinics, with technicians and doctors trained by Hair Science Institute’s Hair Science Academy.

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