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A no-obligation consultation with one of our medical doctors is valuable for both you and us. Together we extensively discuss your personal situation, health, wishes and expectations. You will receive all information about the revolutionary HST technology and there is plenty of room to ask questions.

Book a free no-obligation consultation

Based on the consultation we can give you our personal medical advice, a treatment plan and a detailed financial schedule.


When you are not able to visit one of our clinics, you can also book an Online Consultation. Please, comment in the form that you prefer this option.

You can also contact us by telephone to schedule an appointment. Our clinic in Amsterdam or headquarters in Maastricht can be reached on:

Amsterdam: T. +31 (0)20 575 2330
Maastricht: T. +31 (0) 43 601 8101
E. besthair@hasci.com.