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Hair transplantation for women

Women may experience hair loss and baldness for a number of reasons. Unlike with men, baldness in women is often not restricted to a certain spot,  rather it affects the whole of the surface. This results in reduced hair thickness. For that reason, we often perform the hair transplantation on the entire area in female patients.

Whether the whole area is suitable for hair transplantation depends on the stage of baldness and the condition of the donor area. The thickness is also determined on that basis. Heredity baldness could be the reason, but there are other causes as well. Getting the right diagnosis is important when deciding on the treatment and what results you will achieve. Arrange a personal consultation with our doctor to receive expert advice and find out what your options are.

Solutions for baldness in women

Hair loss

Hair loss is often the first sign of baldness in women. These before and after photos show that thinning hair can be thickened out with a hair transplantation. But it is good to know is that, in many cases of baldness in women, something can actually be done. Of course, for most women, a full head of hair is much more than cosmetic. It makes them feel more of a woman, more confident.

Hair loss in woman for hair transplant

Before treatment


After treatment (710 grafts)

The treatment

Very few women are willing to shave their head to give us a better view of the donor and receptor areas. That is why treatment often involves greater effort in women. To be able to extract (remove) hair follicles (grafts), a small strip is shaved, which can easily be covered with the other hairs after the hair transplantation.

Hair transplant in woman for HST method

Before treatment

Haartransplantatie bij vrouw na HST-methode

9 months after treatment

Complete baldness

As most female patients experience an overall thinning of the hair, it is important that the grafts are distributed evenly over the head. The number of grafts needed and where they need to be placed can only be determined by an experienced doctor. At Hair Science Institute, we can help many women because we have this expertise in-house.

Gehele haar oppervlakte voor haartransplantatie

Before treatment

Gehele haar oppervlakte na haartransplantatie

9 months after treatment (710 grafts)

Hair transplantation on scars

Hair transplantation on scars

One characteristic of scar tissue is that hair growth never recovers. But thanks to the HST method, it is now possible to achieve hair growth on scars, even if only a small number of donor hairs are available.

litteken voor haartransplantatie

Before treatment

Litteken na haartransplantatie

After treatment
(in 2 phases; 1006 grafts and 1015 grafts)

technician Yvette


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