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Hair transplantation costs

A question we often receive is: what are the costs of a hair transplant? In order to answer this question, a medical diagnosis by one of our doctors is first required. Based on this, you will receive a personalized treatment plan with a 100% transparent price quote.

What is your (hair) situation?

The costs of an HST (Hair Stem Cell Transplant) treatment are determined in part by the number of grafts to be transplanted. The number of grafts needed for a successful hair transplant varies from person to person and situation to situation.

In addition to the number of grafts, other factors also play a role: the quality of the donor hair, the progression of hair loss, the health of the donor area, your overall health, and your personal preferences. The color and texture of the hair also influence the result because we aim for a natural coverage.

In summary, an HST treatment is customized. During a free and non-binding consultation, the doctor will provide a complete medical diagnosis. Based on this, you will receive a personalized treatment plan, including a cost estimate.

An investment in yourself.

An HST (Hair Stem Cell Transplant) treatment is a significant investment, but a sustainable one. HST is a patented technique for hair transplantation, developed through decades of scientific research. The treatment is very safe and offers numerous advantages compared to other hair transplant techniques: minimal scarring, precise graft implantation, lifelong results, and the potential for facial hair restoration (eyebrows, beard). The natural results of HST are unmatched.

Why choose HST?

HST is exclusively performed at the official Hair Science Clinics, with locations in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Düsseldorf, London, Paris, Cap d’Antibes, Milan, Dubai, Jakarta, Bali, and Hong Kong. An international team of highly trained doctors and technicians provides top-tier care here, adhering to the highest medical standards.

Prices per number of grafts.

The starting point for determining a price is the number of grafts required for a successful treatment using the HST method. We have provided indicative prices per number of grafts in an overview for you.

This overview does not provide an exact price but rather serves as an estimate. These prices are based on treatment in a clinic in the Netherlands, Germany, or France. An exact cost assessment can only be made after a free, non-binding consultation with a doctor.


Please note that the prices in this table are based on rates in continental Europe and subject to market and currency fluctuations. This table will merely give you an indication of prices. The exact costs for a hair transplantation can only be determined during a personal consultation.
AreaNumber of graftsIndication of costs
Head50 (test)£ 950,-
 < 600£ 3.400,-
 600 – 700£ 4.400,-
 700 – 800£ 4.850,-
 800 – 1000£ 5.650,-
 1000 – 1200£ 6.650,-
 1200 – 1400£ 7.500,-
 1400 – 1600£ 8.200,-
 1600 – 1800£ 8.800,-
 > 1800+ £ 2,50/graft
Beard / Moustache Price on indication
Eyebrows Price on indication