Client stories


“Great, I have hair again!”

why a hair transplantation?

Hair transplant Roel Rutten's experience

I was suffering from a bald crown and inlets and decided to do a hair transplantation at Hair Science Institute. The treatment is well coordinated from beginning to end.

How did your treatment go?

I came in without knowing anything and walked out like an expert. It was tensive, but I was looking forward to it because I would finally get hair again. I was really looking forward to the treatment and was not nervous at all. The treatment was not painful, I even slept  a couple of times.

How did your recovery go and of course important are you satisfied with the result?

After a few months my hair started to grow again and you could really see the difference. It took about 9 months until the final result. The aftercare was very nice. I got everything I needed, from painkillers to care items. After 3 months I was called how it went and after 9 months I still stopped by. I don’t see it as a medical intervention at all, but more like a day out. Everything was taken care of in detail. Really amazing!