Client stories


“Almost a wellness experience”

Why a hair transplantation?

haartransplantatie behandeling rino soeters zijn ervaring

About 3 months ago I had the third hair transplant performed by Hair Science Institute. Earlier I had the entire area, including coves and crowns, treated for expansion. Now it was mainly about thickening the hair. The advantage of thickening the hair is that it grew immediately and I did not have to wait for results. The result was immediately visible. 

How did your treatment go?

I was really looking forward to it, the duration of the treatment does not matter anymore. I felt the first shot, but it was no more than a dental anesthetic. Afterwards I hardly noticed anything, it felt like a wellness experience. The day after the treatment I was immediately up and running again, I just worked.

How did your recovery go and also very important are you satisfied with the result?

The guidance was excellent both before and after. The instructions were clear, professional people work there and there was a good follow-up. I’m very enthousiastic!