Client stories


Ingrid Willems drew her eyebrows every day before opting for an eyebrow transplant using the HST method. In total Ingrid has had 3 treatments of approximately 400 to 500 grafts each. To give the eyebrows an even more natural and fuller look, she opted for a skin pigmentation treatment at Brigitte Vissers, a very subtle form of permanent makeup. We asked her about her experiences after the treatment.

What bothered you most about your eyebrows?

The most disturbing thing about my eyebrows was that I had to draw them every day and that it was not always possible to get them beautiful and right. Especially in the summer it was often uncomfortable because it sometimes happened because of sweating that you accidentally wiped your face and suddenly a piece of eyebrow was missing. Even with swimming you sometimes saw people looking at you strangely because it looked a bit strange without eyebrows.

Why did you choose a hair transplant and why at Hair Science Institute

I chose an eyebrow transplant because I really wanted natural looking eyebrows. An acquaintance pointed out the wonderful possibilities that the Hair Science Institute offered in that area. After a clear conversation with one of the doctors, reading a number of reviews and looking at the possibilities, I didn’t have to think twice. This was what I wanted: beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows.

How did the treatment go?
from beginning to end?

Around 8 a.m. I reported myself somewhat tense at the reception of the Hair Science Institute. After a friendly welcome and a cup of (caffeine-free) coffee we went to work with the extensive measuring and drawing of the eyebrows.
They take extensive time and work with the utmost precision. Then a small area is shaved at the back of the head, so that the necessary grafts can be harvested. The hair is shaved so that it is not visible with long hair. The anesthetic is then applied and the doctor explains how the treatment will proceed. After the anesthesia has been worked into sufficiently, harvesting of the grafts is started. Depending on the thickness of the eyebrows, this is around 400 to 500. The eyebrows are then completely numb in a painless manner and the grafts are transplanted. First a hole is made with a needle, after which the graft can be placed in the correct direction of growth.

At lunchtime a delicious, extensive lunch was served. After lunch they continued the treatment and at 3 p.m. the treatment was finished. 
Finally I  got an explanation about the care of the donor area, the new eyebrows and the medication and care products are handed out. After scheduling a check-up appointment I was ready for departure home at 4 p.m. with visible results already.


What do you think of the result
a few months later?

After about 8 weeks the result is already clearly visible and the transplanted hairs start to grow. After more than 9 months the beautiful end result is really visible and I look proudly in the mirror! Every day I am still very happy and satisfied with the beautiful, but above all natural result and I can really recommend it to anyone considering an eyebrow transplant.