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Hair transplantation scars and burn wounds

One characteristic of scar tissue is that hair growth never recovers. Thanks to the HST method, it is now possible to achieve hair growth on scars, even if only a small number of donor hairs are available.


Traditional hair transplantation techniques are often limited by the number of hairs in the donor area and the size of the graft. With the HST method, this is not the case because, once the graft is extracted, a part of the hair follicle is left behind in the donor area. This means it will continue to grow new hair. This new hair can then serve as donor follicles in subsequent treatments.

For more than 25 years, doctor and researcher Dr Coen Gho has been closely involved in the development of new medication and treatment methods for people with scars from burns. The results of these studies have led to the creation of the HST method, which has been a crucial development for many people over the last few years in terms of their physical and mental recovery. Burn patients in particular tend to have a very limited donor area available for hair transplantation. In addition, these patients often undergo several rounds of reconstructive surgery, which is not only physically but also psychologically, demanding. The primary aim was to develop a technique that is not just practically painless, but also involves a quick healing process. Thanks to the small size of the grafts and the fact that they fit the holes exactly, the grafts attach very quickly. Blood flow is restored within one day, so wounds heal faster and the chance of scarring is reduced to a minimum. 

Dr Coen Gho’s second goal was to achieve natural hair growth on scar tissue with poor circulation. The specially-developed medium in which the grafts are stored after extraction keeps them in optimal condition. As a result, it is possible to achieve excellent results even on skin of lesser quality. 


Igli after HST

One of our great success stories is that of Igli, who suffered severe burns when he was just six months old. One of his biggest wishes was to have a full head of hair. After a number of successful treatments with the HST method, Hair Science Institute was able to make his dream come true. Something we are very proud of!


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