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Afro-textured hair transplantation

Hair transplantation for afro-textured hair is more complicated than for other types of hair. This is because afro-textured hair also curls beneath the skin. Whether HST is suitable for your afro-textured hair varies from person to person.

Afro-textured and curly hair involves a more difficult and more intensive treatment, because the hair curls both above and below the skin. As a result, the grafts also curl, which makes it difficult to find the right part of the hair follicle to remove from the donor area. This makes it hard to tell whether the right part has been extracted to induce hair growth in the receptor area.   If both of your parents have afro-textured, it is unlikely that a hair transplantation will work for you. Of course, there are plenty of cases where it is possible. Arrange a personal consultation with us. To find out what options are available to you, we recommend contacting us to discuss your personal situation.
To prevent a wasted visit to one of our clinics, you can take clear photos of different parts of your head and e-mail them to: One of our doctors can then assess your situation. These photos can usually help us to determine whether a hair transplantation with the HST methode is right for you. We can also perform a small test treatment to give us more clarity about your options.

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