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"These are the people who can and do it, and it is absolutely painless”

Gerard Joling had two treatments done at Hair Science Institute using the HSSI-method. After a previous very painful FUT treatment provided insufficient results and left a big scar behind, his hairdresser advised him to come to Hair Science Institute. ​

Thin hair

As a TV-personality I have been in the spotlight from a very young age. When I was 26 my hair started to get thinner. At the beginning I thought I could hide it with dark camouflage powder, but eventually there is always that moment you have to give in.

FUT method: painful and scarring

Firstly I had a hair transplantation done using the strip-method, also known as the FUT method. During the treatment they remove a complete strip of skin containing hair from the back of my head, which was an extremely painful operation. It took more than three years until I regained any feeling in that area. And as a result I have a very big and ugly scar along the width of my head.

Hair stem cell transplantation: completely painless and without scars

My hairdresser told me there was a new technique called hair stem cell transplantation. I immediately went there for a non binding advice and they treated me very correctly. The most important thing for me was the fact that the treatment was completely painless and left no scarring whatsoever. The first treatment I did in 2009 was for the front part of my head and the second treatment in 2011 was for the crown of my head. Whether you are young or old, nobody likes to get bald.