Entree kliniek haartransplantatie kliniek Maastricht
March 12, 2020

Effect of the coronavirus

Worldwide the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) leads to tumult and unanswered questions. Especially now that the virus is appearing within Europe, we receive many questions about the consequences for the consultations and treatments at our Hair Stem Cell Clinics in Amsterdam and Maastricht.


Situation in the Netherlands*
In the Netherlands, several patients have now been infected with COVID-19. The protocol for action in the Netherlands is isolation, contact investigation and monitoring of the patient. The Municipal Public Health Service (GGD) tracks down all the patients’ contacts and monitors all contacts to minimise the chance of the disease spreading.


The Dutch National Institute for Public Health & Enviroment (RIVM) monitors the situation in coordination with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its international partners. So far, no far-reaching checks and measures to be taken, regarding public places, business activities and / or International Airports. Even traveling from an COVID-19 infected area does not have to be a danger, as long as you do not have any flu, cold or health problems yourself.


However, it is necessary to take appropriate measures regarding personal hygiene, in order to prevent the possible spread of the virus.


Treatments at Hair Science Institute
Hair Science Institute closely follows the developments concerning the virus and the recommendations of the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM). Both in Amsterdam and in Maastricht, we take all necessary health, hygiene and safety measures. Our employees are alert and aware of the protocols to act appropriately when taking measures.


Although, according to the RIVM there is currently no reason to cancel appointments, consultations or treatments. We will take any precautions to minimize the risk of contaminations. For that reason appointments and consultations will take place online through a personal video conference. In the case of treatments – since we have many clients from abroad – we try to reschedule as much as possible.


Please contact us, in case you have any questions or doubts about the COVID-19 developments in the Netherlands.



* Sources of information: The Dutch National Institute for Public Health & Enviroment (RIVM)