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Hair transplantation costs women

More and more women are opting for a hair transplantation. Thinning hair could be caused by one of many reasons. At Hair Science Institute, our doctors specialize in treating women, and we can rectify a receding hairline or thinning hair with our hair-saving treatment at Hair Stem Cell Clinics.  Your hair will not need to be shaved and no-one will notice that you have undergone treatment. Just a small part at the back of the head needs to be clipped. Because many women have long hair, the shaved patch can simply be covered over with other hair. However, the hair in the donor must be long enough. One of our doctors can tell you whether this will be possible during a no-obligation consultation. 

Indication of costs hair transplantation

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide an indication of hair transplantation costs in women. The reason for this is that the progression of baldness is not as readily recognizable in women as in men. Women are more likely to face thinning hair and baldness across the whole of the top of their head. The cost of an eyebrow transplantation also depends on a number of factors. We therefore recommend booking a personal consultation to explore your options and the associated costs. Still not convinced? Take a look at the results in some of our previous female clients. Or see our blog for more information. 

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