Costs of a hair transplantation

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You want to have realistic idea of the costs of a hair transplantation.

To estimate the costs of a hair transplantation, a personalized treatment plan will be drawn up during the free consultation, which includes details like your current hair status, your wishes, your age, your hair loss so far, and the available donor area.

Men: Overview of costs

To give you an impression of the costs of a hair transplantation, we use the standardized Hamilton-Norwood Scale to determine the number of grafts you will need. There are generally two types of progressive hair loss. The first involves a prominent widow’s peak and balding at the crown, with a tuft of hair at the front (the left column) and the second involves a receding hairline on the entire front of the scalp, with little to no balding at the crown (right column).


A free consultation is the first stage of the process, and will provide you with a treatment plan, a confirmed quotation and the answers to any questions you may have.

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Indication of costs women

Women tend to experience hair loss that is distributed equally across the top of the head. The different stages of hair loss are not as easy to identify in women as they are in men. We therefore urge women to request a personal consultation to discuss the possibilities and the associated costs.

Prices per number of grafts for clinic Amsterdam & Maastricht

These prices are based on treatment at a clinic in the Netherlands or France. Because of fluctuations in the market and exchange rates, it is not possible to list the exact treatment costs. For more information, please contact our clinic in London or Jakarta. Our staff will be happy to give you an accurate and non-binding price quote. They will estimate these costs based on your general situation, which you can determine using the diagram. The exact costs can only be determined during a free, non-binding consultation at the clinic.

Head hair 50 (test) € 570
< 600 € 3300
600 – 700 € 4400
700 – 800 € 4900
800 – 1000 € 5800
1000 – 1200 € 6950
1200 – 1400 € 7900
1400 – 1600 € 8700
1600 – 1800 € 9400
> 1800 € 2,50/graft
Moustasche/beard Price on indication
Eyebrows Price on indication


Is the treatment covered by insurance?

Generally, health insurers do not cover hair transplants. In certain cases, our treatments may be covered under health insurance subject to policy conditions; for example, if the transplant is medically necessary or if the client suffers from severe physical pain. Treating scars resulting from an accident and/or medical procedure (such as burn wounds) is generally covered by insurance. We recommend consulting your insurance policy conditions closely. If your insurer requires information about the treatment or a medical statement, we would be more than happy to cooperate.