Drs. Kristel van Herwijnen

Drs. Kristel van Herwijnen

What Kristel enjoys the most about her job is being able to make people truly happy. Especially the special cases, like people who lost their hair due to burns.

About Kristel

Kristel van Herwijnen graduated from Maastricht University in 2003 with a degree in medicine. During her studies, she found herself drawn to the refined surgical fields, but missed interacting with patients. For this reason, she chose to work outside a hospital setting and has worked as a doctor and clinic manager at Hair Science Institute since 2004. Over the years, Kristel has gained experience on hair stem cell transplantations and has become increasingly interested in hair transplantations in the face and on scar tissue.

In addition to carrying out the treatments, Kristel helps to train new medical staff. What Kristel enjoys most about her job is the special cases, such as people who lost their hair due to burns or people without eyebrows. She enjoys being able to make people truly happy with her work.

The impact of hair loss

Watch our doctor Kristel explain the impact hair loss can have on both men and women (video is Dutch spoken).