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About Hair Science Institute

For 25 years, Hair Science Institute (HSI) has been the foremost authority on Hair Stem Cell Transplantation, with clinics all over the world. Using our very own hair transplantation technique – the HST method – at Hair Stem Cell Clinics, we carry our successful Treatments that produce the most natural-looking results. We continuously carry out research to further refine the technique, so our clients are even more satisfied. The treatments are performed by our highly experienced doctors and technicians, who always put your interests and wishes first.


Hair Science Institute has three equal department

HSI – Research & development

This department is dedicated to developing new methods of hair restoration and perfecting the HST method. The efficiency, tools, and consistency are being improved continuously.

HSCC – Hair Stem Cell Clinic

Our clinics offer high-quality hair transplantation using innovative treatment techniques. In addition, our highly trained doctors and technicians use specially developed medical instruments. The medical staff at our clinics and the Research & Development department work under the auspices of Dr Coen Gho.

Hair Science Academy

The Hair Science Academy was founded with the aim of offering high-quality training and education programmes. The Academy is where doctors and nursing staff come to train, specialize, and receive certification in the HST method. The Academy also regularly runs refresher training.

Hair Science Institute worldwide

We currently have clinics in Amsterdam and Maastricht ( Netherlands), London (UK), Cap d’Antibes and Paris (France), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Dubai (UAE). These clinics employ HST-trained and certified doctors and technicians from the region, who speak their clients’ language. HSI will soon be opening more clinics in countries outside of Europe as well.


Our vision

We treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. In order to assure absolute quality in medical procedures, HSI works according to medical protocols and standard procedures. We see it as our personal obligation to make our clients feel good when they walk out our door. And we do all that we can to make that happen. Every client has their own preferences and expectations. It’s our job to make sure we meet or even exceed them.  

Our mission

Hair Science Institute is driven by improvement and innovation. We are always looking to set new cosmetic standards in the field of hair restoration. The focus here is on discovering new therapies and dermatology methods to make the medical treatments that we perform at Hair Stem Cell Clinics even more efficient. But on top of research and development, we also work to improve the client experience and reduce costs. To do that, we carry out fundamental research and clinical studies.  


Hair Science Institute is a research, development, treatment, and training institution. The teams in our clinics consist of doctors and technicians (specialist nurses) who are registered in the Individual Healthcare Professions register (BIG-register). The Individual Healthcare Professions Act regulates healthcare provided by professional practitioners. Only people registered in the Individual Healthcare Professions register may use the title protected under the act. This means that anyone can identify who is and is not a registered professional in the Netherlands.

Hair Science Institute is absolutely committed to education, not only with training new employees, but also with keeping existing employees up to date. Under the guidance of doctor and researcher Dr Coen Gho, the medical team at Hair Science Institute are continuously working to further optimize the unique and refined technique at Hair Stem Cell Clinics.  


Doctor Coen Gho

Coen Gho Doctor Amsterdam and Maastricht more info >>

Doctor Wing Yuen

Wing Yuen Doctor Amsterdam more info>>

Prof. Dr. Martino Neumann

Prof. Dr. Martino Neumann Doctor and Dermatologist more info>>

Kristel van Herwijnen Doctor Maastricht more info >>

Doctor Stefania Stana

Stefanie Stana Doctor Amsterdam

Technicians Amsterdam

Technician Maaike

Maaike Teamleader Amsterdam

Technician Danielle

Danielle  Technician Amsterdam

Technician Lotte

Lotte Technician Amsterdam

Danielle technician

Danielle Technician Amsterdam

Katinka Technician

Katinka Technician Amsterdam

Stephanie Technician

Stephanie Technician Amsterdam

Danielle Administration

Danielle Receptionist Amsterdam


Kimberley Receptionist Amsterdam

Technicians Maastricht

Nikki Teamleader

Nikki Teamleader Maastricht

Yvette Technician

Yvette  Technician Maastricht

Stephanie Technician

Stephanie  Technician Maastricht

Rachelle technician

Rachelle  Technician Maastricht

Marleen Technician

Marleen  Technician Maastricht

Chantal Technician

Chantal  Technician Maastricht

Cheyenne Technician

Cheyenne Technician Maastricht


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